Unit InformationEdit

0481 lollshe
Name Josh
Rarity ★★★ Cost 8 (12 after awakened)
Attribute Water Affiliation Imperial Knights
Weapon Type Staff Attack Type Magical
How to obtain Normal Summon/ Rare Summon

Attack InformationEdit

Ace Whirpool Creates a violent vortex that spis outward toward enemy targets (Combo: 12)
Sp. ATK Geyser Blast your enemy out of the way with a massive jet of water (Combo: 8)
Leader Skill Aqua Force Water units: +20% ATK
Passive Skill Arctic Valor Water units: +2% ATK
Unlock at Lv.1
Passive Skill 2 - -

Status ResistanceEdit

Jyoutaiijyou 1
Jyoutaiijyou 2
Jyoutaiijyou 3
Jyoutaiijyou 4
Jyoutaiijyou 5
Jyoutaiijyou 6
1 1 1 1 - 1

Unit StatusEdit

Initial Max Level 40 Additional HP 200
Initial HP 1530 Maximum HP 2900
Initial Attack 480 Maximum Attack 1500
Initial Defense 480 Maximum Defense 1530
Additional Attack 100 Additional Defense 100


"There's something that I can do!"

A sorcerer from Empyria's royal line. Josh is a talented sorcerer, but due to his timid character, he rarely rushes to the front lines.

Instead, he's cautious, calculating, and well-trusted by his companions thanks to his meticulous work ethic. He's an expert in Water magic, flinging wet projectiles at the enemy.

He has large reserves of latent magic power. Due to his talent for long-range attaccks, he's well suited to serving as backup. He used to worry about his role on the backline, but now he understands that it's the fighting method that he is most suited to, and he's proud of the role he plays.

Story 1: The Right Place

Unlock requirements: Unit Lv.1

Recommended team: All wind team at lv.20 can easily pass this stage

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