Unit InformationEdit

0761 riru
Name Water Magician Lil
Rarity Cost 4
Attribute Water Affiliation Independent
Weapon Type Wand Attack Type Magic
How to obtain Normal Summon

Attack InformationEdit

Deathblow Aqua Splash In the torrent of water, I launch into the sky the enemy
Secret Technique Water Cure The amount to be recovered was dependent on the status of its own HP of all allies
Leader Skill - -
Passive Skill Patron of water ice Defense of water attribute unit is 2% UP
Passive Skill 2 - -

Status ResistanceEdit

Jyoutaiijyou 1
Jyoutaiijyou 2
Jyoutaiijyou 3
Jyoutaiijyou 4
Jyoutaiijyou 5
Jyoutaiijyou 6
- Average - - - -

Unit StatusEdit

Initial Max Level 30 Additional HP 200
Initial HP 1530 Maximum HP 2890
Initial Attack 480 Maximum Attack 1500
Initial Defense 480 Maximum Defense 1530
Additional Attack 100 Additional Defense 100

Evolution MarterialEdit



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