Here are the list of Water units:

Avatar Name Rarity Cost Attack Type Guild
Card unit 10002
Blue Slime 2 Melee Other
Card unit 10012
Blue Goblin 2 Melee Other
Card unit 10042
Ice Wolf 2 Ranged Other
Card unit 10052
Aqua Mage 2 Magic Other
Card unit 0711
Aristocratic Knight Iris ★★ 4 Melee Royal Blood
Card unit 0761
Water Magician Lil ★★ 4 Magic Independent
Card unit 0011
Magic Swordsman Wallner ★★★ 8 Melee Royal Blood
Card unit 0061
Lancer of the Giant Shield Lester ★★★ 8 Melee Royal Blood
Card unit 0341
Archer Kuira ★★★ 8 Ranged Slepnir
Card unit 0481
Principle of Water Rochelle ★★★ 8 Magic Royal Blood
Card unit 0381
Freezing Archer Ark ★★★★ 11 Ranged Slepnir
Card unit 0261
Elegant Spearman Schwarz ★★★★★ 17 Melee Royal Blood

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