Unit InformationEdit

0771 fen
Name Fann
Rarity ★★ Cost Two
Attribute Wind Affiliation Fang Mercenaries
Weapon Type Bow Attack Type Ranged
How to obtain Summon

Attack InformationEdit

Deathblow Swift Arrow Attacks the enemy with a shower of rapid-fire projectiles
Secret Technique Sniper's Arrow Attacks the enemy with an arrow infused with the power of wind.
Leader Skill - -
Passive Skill - -
Passive Skill 2 - -

Status ResistanceEdit

Jyoutaiijyou 1
Jyoutaiijyou 2
Jyoutaiijyou 3
Jyoutaiijyou 4
Jyoutaiijyou 5
Jyoutaiijyou 6
Weak - - - - -

Unit StatusEdit

Initial Max Level 30 Additional HP 200
Initial HP 1580 Maximum HP 2890
Initial Attack 870 Maximum Attack 1500
Initial Defense 580 Maximum Defense 1530
Additional Attack 100 Additional Defense 100


"Only fools are unprepared. I'm always ready!"

Fann is a young archer who earns his living as a wandering mercenary. His parents were archers as well, and he played with bows instead of toys from a very young age.

He becomes extremely anxious when unprepared, so he makes sure nothing ever surprises him. Striving for perfection, he travels to different countries for new techniques.

Currently he's a member of Empyria's Fang Mercenaries, though he may wander again in the future...

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