Cross Summoner Quick Start Guide & FAQ Edit


Ios-download from store directly no ip block (I'm not an ios user, so im unsure)

Apk file-!6Rxm1S7Q!ob5Jczi6VBjTMiTYRt-Lj7Fpz-T1w-HJMwLwcwyudPk


Q:My game shows permission denied (ダウンロード権限はない) when I start it?
A: Download the additional .obb file here

Additional file for android users-!aJYmnZSK!EEjDk1Nhnnt-kgRhHmECXnNQtNQ_Ti017rczhKI0Ng8

Place .obb file into “sdcard/Andriod/obb/” folder. If there isn’t one make a folder for it.

Q: The game freezes/crashes after story/battle etc.
A: Set your device's timezone to Japan (GMT+9)

Rooted DevicesEdit

How to bypass rooted android phones-Cross Summoner
Method 1-Uninstalling
Easy method, just go into your apps and uninstall all root-related programs
Method 2-Disabling
Turn off SuperUser (SuperSU)
Disable permissions for cross summoner through SuperUser
Method 3-Hide my Root
Install this app Hide your SU and delete apk
Method 4-Reinstalling
Reinstall CrossSummoner and when prompted for permissions, deny it
Method 5-If SuperSU is installed
Open SuperSU, tick SuperUser option
Uninstall SuperSU
*Note: If SuperSU is installed under System/App, follow above steps but move SuperSU into data/app folder.
Method 6-If another root app is installed
Install SuperUser (SU) Choose normal installation (if you cannot install this, you may not have rooted properly)
Then, go to setting on the top right and choose SuperUser, then choose apps&ADB
Start the game, then deny permission to CrossSummoner
Method 7-Device Faker
Download and Install!m0YCDLiS!TY9nIbrDvYkMl4Qd0GAvXyqMfP6IPJtcJPt72XuIEG4 Find CrossSummoner and long press for an option to pop-up. Choose fake control and create a shortcut. A new shortcut will appear for the game with an extra orange symbol/icon. Use that to play the game
Method 8-Deleting .apk

Use a file browser to locate system/app then find the file superuser.apk. Delete that and play


How to play cross on bluestack and reroll new account-credit of Jericho Swain

1) First setup your bluestack,I recommend version 0.8.9

2) Install Bluestack Muititool,SuperSu

Read this for how use this tool

In Blusestack Multitool choice option Auto Root and SuperSu installer/Updater

3) Go to system delete system/xbin/su first and system/app delete SuperSu.apk
Final delete system/xbin

4) Play game and pray for your luck

5) If you don't have enough luck continue read

6) Uninstall the game

7) Google "GUI gerenator" and create 1 GUIDs
Example: I created 1 GUID: 67100764-802f-4143-b203-4320d9e1fcf9

9) Run/regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks\Guests\Android

10) Modify BootParameters and change you WINGUID
Example: root=/dev/sda1 SRC=/android DATA=/dev/sdb1 SDCARD=/dev/sdc1 PREBUNDLEDAPPSFS=/dev/sdd1 HOST=WIN GUID=16b93bce-0b6e-45cb-9bed-90dc55823909 VERSION= OEM=BlueStacks LANG=en_US armApps=true GlMode=1 P2DM=1

Change value "16b93bce-0b6e-45cb-9bed-90dc55823909" to "67100764-802f-4143-b203-4320d9e1fcf9"
and it will be: root=/dev/sda1 SRC=/android DATA=/dev/sdb1 SDCARD=/dev/sdc1 PREBUNDLEDAPPSFS=/dev/sdd1 HOST=WIN GUID=67100764-802f-4143-b203-4320d9e1fcf9 VERSION= OEM=BlueStacks LANG=en_US armApps=true GlMode=1 P2DM=1

11) Restart bluestack and try your luck again

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