Members of Slepnir:

Avatar Name Rarity Cost Element Attack Type
Card unit 0721
Gale Swordsman Shale 4 Wind Melee
Card unit 0731
Apprentice Knight Ian 4 Light Melee
Card unit 0751
Pyromancer Victor 4 Fire Magic
Card unit 0021
Wind of the Battlefield Elena 8 Wind Melee
Card unit 0341
Archer Kuira 8 Water Ranged
Card unit 0351
Wind Controlling Archer Arnold 8 Wind Ranged
Card unit 0491
Transparent Mage Baikal 8 Wind Magic
Card unit 0501
Dark Messenger Verginita 8 Dark Magic
Card unit 0381
Freezing Archer Ark 11 Water Ranged
Card unit 0301
Whimsical Storm Cliff 18 Wind Melee
Card unit 1001
Raging Gale Fists Fony 18 Wind Melee

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