Members of Slepnir:

Avatar Name Rarity Cost Element Attack Type
Card unit 0711
Aristocratic Knight Iris 4 Water Melee
Card unit 0011
Magic Swordsman Wallner 8 Water Melee
Card unit 0061
Lancer of the Giant Shield Lester 8 Water Melee
Card unit 0091
Light of Everlasting Darkness Nannerl 8 Dark Melee
Card unit 0331
Lucky Musketeer Shall 8 Fire Ranged
Card unit 0481
Principle of Water Rochelle 8 Water Magic
Card unit 0131
Holy Knight Fortis 13 Light Melee
Card unit 0531
Emerald Archmage Ozma 11 Wind Magic
Card unit 0821
Crimson Heroine Katerina 13 Fire Melee
Card unit 0261
Elegant Spearman Schwarz 17 Water Melee
Card unit 0611
Burning Mage Meferize 18 Fire Magic

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