In CrossSummoner, players are required to complete quests in order to advance.

This page will explain how quests work in the game

What are Quests?Edit

On the Map, players are able to move into points of interest and play story, unit, or free quests.


To advance in quests, players need to have vitality.

Every quest have their own vitality requirement, and will display the required amount in the quest window.

The player's vitality is shown at the top left of the home screen.

Vitality RecoveryEdit

Passage of time-Every 5 minutes, 1 vitality is recovered

Summon stone-For 1 summon stone, vitality can be fully restored. For more informatino see shop.

Vitality LimitEdit

The max amount of vitality is increased when the user levels up in rank.

Completing QuestsEdit

In a battle, the item dropped by enemies are determined by the quest. Therefore, players can decide what quest to play in order to obtain a certain item.  The red circle indicates possible item drops within a main and free quest. In addition, free quests have a completion reward which will be explained later.


Quest ProgressEdit

Completing all the steps in a quest counts as the first clearance of a certain quest.

In the quest window, players can view their progress within a quest.


Quest Steps Edit

The steps within a quests are scenarios that make up the quest.

Amount of steps in a quest vary on the quest

Completion Rewards Edit

For main and free quests, there is a completion rewards for finishing the quest for the first time.

In particular, free quests require players to obtain all of the items shown in the bottom in order to get the completion reward.

Completion rewards can be viewed on the quest panel.


Quest TypesEdit

Main QuestsEdit

These quests are part of the main story in the world of Cross Summoner. In order to advance to different worlds, players need to complete the main story quests. The possible main quests can be viewed at story.


Unit QuestsEdit

These quests detail the story behind each and every character.

To play these quests, the unit has to be obtained and reach certain level requirements. Further information about unit stories can be viewed here .

Clearing these quests unlocks new passive skills for units. For a list of unit skills click here .


Free QuestsEdit

At points of interests, there are quests that contain no story.

These quests have certain drops and completion rewards to them. 

For a ful llist, see free quests .



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