In Cross Summoner, moving on the map allows for players to taken on different quests. This page will explain how the map works.

Points of InterestEdit

On the map, there are several (forests, or towns) which are called points of interest. At these places, players are able to access different quests.


The number shown next to the point of interest's name, shows the number of non-free quests that have yet to be cleared.


Connecting points of interest are roads. In between these points are blue icons and treasure boxes.


Blue IconsEdit

These icons show areas that are filled with monsters. Players need to defeat monsters before advancing.

Treasure ChestsEdit

Possible to obtain enhancment or summoning points within these chests.

Black IconsEdit

These icons are icons that have yet to be unlocked. Players need to complete blue icons before unlocking these points.

Brown PathsEdit

These are roads that connect between points.

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