Each units has element to represent themselves and the units listed below are all fire element. They are also represented with the logo:

Zokusei 1

Here are the list of fire units:

Avatar Name Rarity Cost Attack type Guild
Card unit 10001
Red Slime 2 Melee Other
Card unit 10011
Red Goblin 2 Melee Other
Card unit 10041
Fire Wolf 2 Ranged Other
Card unit 10051
Fire Mage 2 Magic Other
Card unit 0701
Great Axe Gon ★★ 4 Melee Fenrir's Fang
Card unit 0751
Pyromancer Victor ★★ 4 Magic Slepnir
Card unit 50001
Hero ★★ 2 Melee Other
Card unit 0001
Treasure Knight Marina ★★★ 8 Melee Fenrir's Fang
Card unit 0051
Wanderer Kotetsu ★★★ 8 Melee Independent
Card unit 0331
Lucky Musketeer Shall ★★★ 8 Ranged Royal Blood
Card unit 0471
Explosion Flame Master Jarma ★★★ 8 Magic Fenrir's Fang
Card unit 0621
Tomboy Sister Karen ★★★ 8 Recovery Fenrir's Fang
Card unit 0821
Crimson Heroine Katerina ★★★★ 13 Melee Royal Blood
Card unit 0441
Passionate Musketeer Leona ★★★★★ 17 Ranged Fenrir's Fang
Card unit 0611
Burning Mage Meferize ★★★★★ 18 Magic Royal Blood

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