Fenrir's Fang Member List:

Avatar Name Rarity Cost Element Attack Type
Card unit 0701
Great Axe Gon ★★ 4 Fire Melee
Card unit 0771
Wandering Archer Fen ★★ 4 Wind Ranged
Card unit 0791
Gunner Ven ★★ 4 Dark Ranged
Card unit 0001
Treasure Knight Marina 8 Fire Melee
Card unit 0071
Rampaging Warrior Kyle 8 Wind Melee
Card unit 0041
Dwarf Warrior Waddle 8 Dark Melee
Card unit 0471
Explosion Flame Master Jarma 8 Fire Magic
Card unit 0121
Storm Warrior Brasoth 13 Wind Melee
Card unit 0291
Evil Eye Violet Flames Glennerster 17 Dark Melee
Card unit 0441
Passionate Musketeer Leona 17 Fire Ranged

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