Unit InformationEdit

0801 ririka
Name Demon Book Collector Lyrica
Rarity Cost 13
Attribute Dark Affiliation Unaffiliated
Weapon Type Magic Spells Attack Type Magic
How to obtain Rare Summon

Attack InformationEdit

Deathblow Sulfur Rain Brings down torrents of demonic rain on your enemy's head.
Secret Technique Arcane Beam Drawing on the wisdom of sorcery, releases a beam of light from the Dark Magic of the Grimoire. 29 hits.
Leader Skill Shadow Watch Dark enemies deal less DMG
Passive Skill Sniper's Symbol +8% combo time
Passive Skill 2 Spell Master Magic Spells: +5% ATK

Status ResistanceEdit

Jyoutaiijyou 1
Jyoutaiijyou 2
Jyoutaiijyou 3
Jyoutaiijyou 4
Jyoutaiijyou 5
Jyoutaiijyou 6
- - +3 +1 - -

Unit StatusEdit

Initial Max Level 60 Additional HP 200
Initial HP 1530 Maximum HP 4342
Initial Attack 480 Maximum Attack 4323
Initial Defense 480 Maximum Defense 2923
Additional Attack 100 Additional Defense 100


"You'd better watch out - for when that time comes..."

When she entered Magic School, she didn't boast any talents worth mentioning. She put more stock in theoretical knowledge, an endeavor her classmates considered pointless and silly. While playing in her grandfather's cellar, her eyes fell upon a book. It was then when she discovered the powerful Grimoire. Now, Lyrica spends her days searching the world for new Grimoires, determined to expand her magical knowledge and prove once and for all that her classmates were wrong about her.

Story 1 (Grimoire Passion) Unlock Requirements: Unit Level 1

Story 2 (Grimoire Obsession) Unlock Requirements: Unit Level 25 and Story 1 cleared

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